Open frame pinfire revolver 9 mm.
6 chamber cylinder, triggerguard, 5.9 inch barrel.
Double action, half cock enabled.
Belgian proofmarks, signed by Ferdinand Drissen.



1301162222_0 1301162222_1
„FD” in horizontal rhombus; trademark of Ferdinand Drissen (L) and serial number (R)

1301162222_2 1301162223_3
Inspector mark on frame (L) and unknown mark on frame(R)

1301162223_4 1301162224_5
Unknown marks on frame(L,R)

1301162224_6 1301162226_8
Unknown mark on frame (L) and batch number on barrel (R)

1301162227_9 1301162233_11
Batch number on cylinder (L) and proof mark and inspectors mark (R)